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About the book

I wanted to write a short book that introduces women to our own spirituality, that's simple and easy to read. 

I hoped to help empower myself and other women, in some way.

Secrets of the Woods is an eclectic glimpse at the Feminine Divine
A collection of poems, songs, tales, snippets of knowledge and wisdom,

(passed down from mother to daughter, woman to woman, through the ages).

With a brief look through time, at female spirituality and adversities to present day.
It touches on nurturing in nature, sacred secrets,
With simple meditations and affirmations

This is a brief, intuitive, kaleidoscope, of ancient and modern, truths and myths, introducing women's spirituality.

Secrets of the Woods 
A brief, simple, mix
of Female Spirituality
Li Oshon

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"A delightful little read from a first-time author. A real joy" Kim - Women's Health

"Finally a book for women that's tells us the truth and helps us on a spiritual path"  Nurture U Loving

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