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Lisa Djembe  (Oshon Li) Founder, CEO and organiser of Royal Neter, Black Nubian Royals, Royal Black Singles and many others. Author of Your Royal Nature, Love Life, Black Blueprint and other books

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From an Ancient African perspective Royalty is not just about bloodline.

Royal is a state of being, mentally, physically and spiritually, coming from a place of abundance, love and generosity. A person that respects themselves.


This site is a kingdom in the making for black Kings, Queens, Emperors, Empresses,

Gods, Goddesses, people of God or just people of colour that value themselves highly.


Meet like minded people to, empower, love, educate and support black owned.

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We are a non-profit social enterprise for black people. We are here to positively promote, wellbeing, love, unity and wealth. 

I noticed too much negativity surrounding black people. I'd see my social media, filled with images of black people brutalised by police, blacks killing blacks, another mother crying for her murdered son, poverty etc. 

Though we don't want to ignore what is happening, we want to change the dominating narrative and see or create instances of black love, wealth, achievements, innovativity, dialogue, collective purposes and goals, supporting one another. To inspire and fill our minds/ psyche and perceptions with uplifting portrayals for balance.

We are here to help black people by providing positive experiences, activities, events, products and services.
For blacks by blacks. Black-owned and proud.

Royal Neter is not only here to say that black lives matter, but that we must flourish, prosper, are precious and must be cherished.

We are self-funded and Black-owned

We are also in need of volunteers to help to grow this group into an amazing movement that we can all feel proud of.
If you're interested please click here
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