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We are interested in the health of ourselves and our people. So that we can live and live well. We want to provide information on available therapies, remedies, treatments,  cures and products.

If you are a practitioner or have any therapies to offer, please get in touch.

We are about Unity & Wellbeing, that's why Royal Neter is helping MEANS in Africa by giving a percentage of each Nubian Wellbeing product you buy, towards funding, their work helping women in Sierra Leon.

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Ask Li Healer.png

Li's here If you need someone to talk to and communicate with confidentially. Li has been giving advice for over 15 years. Has much life experience and is a sympathetic, caring, person with a zest for life. She has a humanistic approach to helping people. She may also put you in touch with relevant organisations that can help you further. Li is not a counsellor or psychotherapist, just a humble healer, mentor and advisor here to help to nurture you.

Here are just some of the things other people have said about Li

"She got right to the heart of my problems, wants and needs. and helped me work through things."

"Li was there when I was alone and needed a person to talk with."
"She listened to me, then showed me where I could get the help I needed"

She has a BSC in Holistic Health, Diploma in Massage therapy, has done courses in reflexology for hands and feet, aromatherapy, herbalism, counselling and psychology to name, but a few.


"I'm here to listen and help you in any way I can"

"We can go through so much in our daily lives, sometimes we just need a bit of love, encouragement and empowerment"

Royal neter music therapy white clean.png

Music therapy - for some, music is life, music is a source of healing and therapy it can uplift your soul, bring healing, mentally, physically and spiritually. If we are made of vibrational energy then music vibration can correct and cure disturbances in energy flow. It spans race culture religion and so and can permeate through nearly everything. Music can soothe a person holistically and aid in meditation techniques.  Join our group, give your support to the cause, contribute to music as a therapy or collect some musical healing.

Emmanuel Amuta - a bright articulate confident boy set for big things who it seems, his life was cut short by illness and lack of proper treatment. It sounded like he was being pumped full of poisons and then flushing it out with water and that this is what they are expected to do. If people are still dying then it isn't working. 

Our people and children shouldn't have to die needlessly due to ignorance.  Given treatments that could kill rather than cure. I am not a doctor and anything written here is my own personal opinions. Instead of giving people opiates which only treats the pain effects of the disease and turning them into sickle cell addicts.

Possible Solutions
Oxygen treatment therapy. The lack of oxygen is partly what is causing the pain some of the cells are said to be sickle-shaped instead of fully round and don't get enough oxygen in order to function properly.
Other treatments / research could be made into Gene Replacement Therapy and bio/ nano technologies. My feelings are that children are being given poisions and then flushing with water that could be contributing to their deaths.
as coping methods to deal with pain both Music TherapyMeditation and physical and emotional.

Health Workbook

Your Royal Nature Workbook 1.jpg

£6.99 for booklet

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Your Royal Nature Workbook 1 is a self-help diary.
A brief guide, with a collection of information and exercises for your overall health, mind, body and spirit. From Ancient Egyptian influenced, Afrocentric, to loving kindness. This book can help you, on your way, to reclaim the royal you.

Your Royal Nature Workbook Affirmations  exert 40 minutes

Royal Kwanza principles :
daily affirmations for manifestation, to strengthen and unify mind, body & spirit

Royal Neter Nubian Wellbeing Products

Ancient Egyptian Inspired Aromatherapy

nubian wellbeing  white clear.png
nubian wellbeing  white clear.png

In Ancient Egypt, hygiene was paramount and associated with health and wealth. Proper hygiene consisted of specific herbs, plants and treatments, to help cleanse both mind and body.
Royal Neter follows the tried and trusted blends of the ancient royalty. Using the purest natural ingredients with 100% pure aromatherapy oils, wherever possible, sourced from Africa.
To produce a luxury range of  skincare and hair care products promoting  Nubian Wellbeing
Many of the ingredients are sourced from Africa and the Caribbean.

Nubian Wellbeing Spa Gift Boxes

It's important as black people to live well. Take time to take our power, pamper and care for ourself and others. Self care with these luxurious Nubian Wellbeing Gift Sets. For hair or body fit for royality in a black box with red velvet lining.

Hair Care

Lux box hair1..jpeg

Gro & Glow hair butter 50ml
Gro & Glow Shampoo 50ml
Gro & Glow Conditioner 50ml
Gro & Glow Hair Spritz 50 ml

Royal Neter Gift box.jpeg

Body Care

Lux box body1.jpeg

Royal Neter bath & foot soak 50ml
Shower, bath & body wash 50ml
Royal Neter body Oil 50ml

 Body Care Gift Set  3 items for £20

 Hair Care Gift Set All 4 items for £25

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Fragrance free contains just the pure bath & foot soak, oil and shower & bath wash without any of the pure natural aromatherapy scents

Fragrance free Gift Set £15

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peace box.jpeg

Peace  aromatherapy contains: Lavender & Frankincense pure essential oils. It's spiritual, soothes and calms.

Peace Gift Set £20

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rise box.jpeg

Rise aromatherapy contains: Rose, geranium, may chang & lemongrass. It refreshes, revives & 
creates happiness

Rise Gift Set £20

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love box.jpeg

Love aromatherapy contains: milk flavour, bread flavour, real manuka honey
Sweet & sensual

Love Gift Set £20

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individual Hair Care items

gro & glow hair butter 50ml round tub.jpeg

Gro & Glow Hair Butter
50ml round tub £10

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gro & glow conditioner 30ml tiny.jpeg

Gro & Glow Conditioner 50ml £5

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front wealth spritz 50ml small.jpeg

Royal Neter Wealth Spritz 50ml £8

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good gro & glow shampoo 30ml tiny.jpeg

Gro & Glow Shampoo 50ml £5

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individual  Bath / body items

bath & foot soak 50ml.jpeg

Royal Neter bath & foot soak
50ml round tub £8

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body wash rise 50ml.jpeg

Rise Shower & Body
Wash 50ml £5

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body wash peace 50ml.jpeg

Peace Shower & Body
Wash 50ml £5

body wash love 50 ml.jpeg

Rise Shower & Body
Wash 50ml £5

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rise oil range 3 copy.jpeg

Rise Body Oil 50ml £5

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oil love.jpeg

Love Body Oil 50ml £5

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oil peace.jpeg

Peace Body, Hair & Massage Oil 50ml £5

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Eye and Face Care

Must keep refrigerated to keep fresh, cool eyes/ face, to reduce dark circles, bags & wrinkles.

Royal Neter eye gel.jpg


£4 for Eye (face) Elixir Gel 5ml 

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This eye or face elixir gel  is fit for a king or queen,  very anti-aging, rejuvenating, firming and tightening the skin. It reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes. So you can feel ready to greet your admirers fresh faced and looking youthful. It can also be used when dried as a base under makeup.
It contains all natural ingredients and has no harmful toxins like aloe vera, Green sea clay, seaweed and carrot extract.

 Face Care

5ml organic rich cream.jpeg

Rich organic repair cream. Thick & luxurious and moisturizing. Acts as a barrier against the winter elements as well as nourishing and repairing the skin. Contains wax exfoliating flakes to help with desquamation process for skin cell renewal. The wax also helps to protect skin from aging, harsh weather, insects and bacteria.
All natural ingredients including, aloe vera, vitamin c, moringa, beeswax, jojoba butter and tea tree.

£4 for Organic Rich Repair face Cream 5ml 

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5ml elite clay.jpeg

£4 for Elite Green
Sea Clay Mask 5ml 

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In deepths of the ocean its seaweed filters out harmful polution and toxins and renews itself constantly. So to does the Elite clay made from plant extract found in the sea bed. Paced ful of nutrients and minerals with amazing results on the skin. This clay dries and draws out impurities in the skin as it soaks in the nutirients, minerals and vitamins. Leaving the skin firmer, fresher and clearer. Apply directly to blemishes and spots leave overnight and watch as pimples reduce and clear within around 3 days.
All natural ingredients including,  Elite Green Sea Clay, cucumber, vitamin c and tea tree.

Hair Care

5ml hair buttter.jpeg

Have healthy long hair like Cleopatra or Egyptian queen Tiye. Gro & Glow hair butter, grows hair fast, thickens and moisturises, leaving it silky soft and tangle-free.  Helps with shedding and hair loss.
See more details / ingredients
in the picture description.

£4 Gro & Glow
Hair Butterl 5ml 

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neter grow and glow butter with ingredients.jpeg

£14.99 for Gro & Glow Hair Butter 100 ml tub

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Aromatherapy Wealth Spritz

wealth spritz egyptian background.jpeg
Blue Bottle 100ml Wealth Spritz.jpg
Back Blue bottle Wealth Spritz 100ml.jpg

£10 for  Regal small sized cobalt blue bottle 100ml 

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Feel like an Egyptian King / Queen, God /Goddess
with this cool and refreshing, organic & natural  spritz spray.
A luxuriously zingy, subtle blend of pure essential oils,
with the scent of the riches of the Nile.  Believed to attract wealth.
See more details in the picture description below

A zesty

front wealth spritz 50ml small.jpeg
back Wealth Spritz 50ml small.jpeg

£5 Now in handy pocket-sized 50ml

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royal neter clip wealth spritz ingredients.jpeg

£20 for 250 ml bottle

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All posting and packaging is free to UK. ​Any overseas customers must pay extra posting fees and any additional charges 

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